Medical Equipment at Home You Must Have Medical Device

Medical Equipment
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Medical Equipment at Home You Must Have Medical Device,

Medical Technology and Average age of Human being ,

Human life span is growing and as well as Medical Technology  is growing

Every one is take care about him self and family members healthcare is very essential need of individual and society,

To maintain optimal health and activity of daily life, The Most Common types of Medical equipment’s used at home for

Promote health prevention of diseases, we have to monitor our Health Status using of Domestic medical equipment’s i.e, Thermometer, BP Operator

( Spigmomanometer ),

Weighing Scale, Nebulizer, Smart Watches, List of Medical Equipment given below

  Definition of Medical Equipment

Any Device or Product used to Monitor and Health condition of person or diagnose disease

Definition of Home Health care Medical device is used at the home by persons

to check their Health Status as per Doctor order and treat  illness at at home as first aid

Medical Equipment at Home You Must Have Medical Device Equipment list

  1. Thermometer
  2. BP Operator,
  3. Finger Pulse Oximeter,
  4. Steam Inhaler,
  5. Weighing Scale,
  6. Smart Watch,
  7. Heating Pad,
  8. Spirometer
  9. First Aid Kit
  10. Room Heaters

The Most Common types of Medical equipment used at home

How to use and Maintain at Home health care Medical deices with effectively and safe manner,

Ask advice your Physician or Nurse question about How to use, Read information about Patient Education

Ask to supplier how to operate device, Take care your Medical Device and operating it according to the manufacturer direction,


Body Temperature is recorded by thermometer is most used medical Equipment  at home,

Thermometer is available in many types Mercury Thermometer, Digital  Thermometer, Infrared thermometer,

single use thermometers Normal temperature range is – 98-5 0, Fahrenheit, 37.20   Celsius

Digital Thermometer

2.BP Operator   Blood pressure measured by BP Operator ( Spygmomanometer) , Increasing incidence of  Hypertension persons,

Digital BP Operator can Must have at home Normal Blood Pressure :120/80 mm of Hg,

Buy Online Digital BP Operator Amazon

BP operatus

Finger Pulse Oxymeter:

Finger Pulse meter can monitor Oxygen Saturation rate in Blood SpO2, Pulse rate Normal Pulse Rate is 70-100 beats per minute, Normal SPO2 90%

Pulse Oxymeter

Steam Inhaler:

 Steam inhaler using for Vapor Inhalation to prevent upper respiratory diseases 




Weighing Scale : 

Weight measured by Weighing Scale

Weighing Machine

Smart Watch ; Smart watches Personal Medical Devices can easily monitor Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, SPO2, Physical Activity Exercises 

Personnel Smart Watch


Glucometer can use full in Blood Glucose Level at Home to Prevent Hypoglycemia or Hyperglycemia.

Medical Equipment

Heating Pad:  Heating pad can reduce pain and feel comfort it can provide warmth,

Heating Pad


Spiro Meter:  Incentive Spectrometer  is use to improve lung activity and provide self breathing exercises,

Incentive Spectrometer


 First Aid Kit  

First aid is given to  who are suddenly become injure or sick they can get immediate treatment to save life until medical Help available,before medical felicity is available to save individual life,

must have medical devices at the home,  First aid kit contains  Cotton, Bandages, Anti Septic Lotion,  Scissors, Iodine,  Skin Ointment,

Torch light Room Heaters Room Heaters can used in specially winter season to provide warm environment



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